Exploring Music Industry Incubators and Accelerators in Central New York

Are you looking to get involved in the music industry in Central New York? If so, you may be interested in discovering the various incubators and accelerators available in the area. Techstars Music is an organization that invests in founders who use technology to solve the music industry's most pressing problems, innovate the future of music, and support the industry. In New York City alone, there are 296 accelerators and 26% incubators. Here is a list of the five most exciting. Our events are designed to bring together the entire community, regardless of affiliation or status.

The events at Rev are a great opportunity to take a look at the local startup scene, hear the innovative ideas that Ithaca produces, and meet new people, even if you don't have a business or want to start a new company. Before joining CREA, Obinna worked for the City and County of San Francisco, first as a San Francisco intern and then as a property manager for the Revenue, Development and Management division at San Francisco International Airport. Tony is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur in the consumer electronics industry with more than thirty years of experience in marketing strategy, business strategy, business development and consumer communication both in his own retail business and in medium-sized companies. Frontera worked in the marketing management and business development capacities at McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. Frontera held the positions of CEO, Business Development Manager, Northeast Regional Training Manager, and Account Manager for Companies in the Photographic and Printing Industries. Previously, he served as vice president and general manager of Information Access Company (sold to Thomson), executive vice president and general manager of EE.

UU. Telestar and vice president and general manager of NeXT Computer (sold to Apple), where he reported directly to Steve Jobs and was part of the executive policy team. Henry has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards and is currently chairman of the board of directors of InfoStreet, a SaaS company from Inc. 500. She most recently held the position of director of the network of innovators at the Department of Veterans Affairs and previously served as a presidential innovation fellow at the Virginia Innovation Center, based in the White House Office of Science, Technology, Policy and General Services Administration. As the Rev.

coordinator, Jeremiah oversees the operations of Rev Membership and the incubator space itself. Jeremiah is also the project coordinator for eLab, a business accelerator for Cornell student startups. Xanthe Matychak is a designer and educator working at the intersection of design, sustainability and technology. She is the deputy director of the hardware accelerator at Rev Ithaca, where she helps hardware inventors turn their ideas into prototypes with viable business models. She is an inventor herself and has worked with local companies to obtain funding for her work, including an initial phase (SBIR).Brad is a professional entrepreneur with an emphasis on technology-driven companies.

Recently, Brad was the founding CEO of Mezmeriz, a high-tech company that makes interactive projectors and reality capture cameras for integration into mobile phones. Mezmeriz is based on patented MEMS technology developed by company co-founder Shahyaan Desai at Cornell. Previously, he was a resident entrepreneur at Cornell University. Caitlin Schickel is a regional economic development specialist at the Cornell Center for Regional Economic Advancement. Responsible for collecting data on startup activity in the Southern Tier and for coordinating Cornell's response to START-UP NY, Caitlin also helps with REV whenever she can.

Caitlin, a native of Ithaca, went to study urban development at Bryn Mawr College but returned home after four years in Philadelphia. Although she is new to the world of startups, she is excited to be part of one of the organizations working to help revitalize Upstate New York. Ken Rother is the director of Rev and its hardware entrepreneurship program. He is also the general director of Cornell's eLab student accelerator program; teaches entrepreneurship at Johnson School; teaches and trains in several technology commercialization programs including NSF I-Corps; and is a venture partner at Cayuga Venture Fund – an accelerator and venture capital firm independent of sector or geography that focuses on investing in new technology companies across multiple sectors such as health technology, consumer technology, gaming, sports etc. Before founding Singlebrook Elisa founded two other companies and worked in various industries in New York City. Frontera is an entrepreneur in residence with Southern Tier Startup Alliance – a member organization of business incubators whose purpose is to provide support to entrepreneurs starting or growing businesses in Southern New York. Investing in existing businesses or partnering with entrepreneurs to create new companies from scratch reduces risks associated with starting businesses while accelerating success.