Exploring Music Industry Meetups for Independent Artists in Central New York

Are you an independent musician looking to book a show in Central New York? You're in luck! There are plenty of music industry meetups and events in the area that can help you get your foot in the door. From professional ensembles and performing groups to organizations that organize concert series, Syracuse is a great place to start your music career. Sites like CNY Arts and Visit Syracuse collect information from around the Syracuse area to promote, support and celebrate arts and culture. These sites can help you find free or discounted tickets for students and increase the engagement between the Sentor Music School and the professional music community.

One of the oldest live music clubs on the Lower East Side is Arlene's Grocery, which opened in 1995 in a former winery. This is a great place for up-and-coming bands and non-contract artists to perform. The NYSSMA Winter Conference is an annual event that offers professional development workshops, featured concerts, and networking opportunities with music teachers and Sentor alumni from all over New York State. This is a great way to get connected with other musicians in the area.

Jeffery is an artist from multiple worlds who is as comfortable wandering through foggy, memory-inducing soundscapes as he is interpreting fluid melodies influenced by his upbringing by the beach in Rio de Janeiro. He offers an authentic soul in his music and his show in his performance, which he is sure to enjoy at Madison Square Garden and at the local jazz club in New York. Alexia is another artist from multiple worlds who has fully embraced, challenged, and redefined her northern half of her American artistic roots since returning to New York City. Her recent artistic projects include composing Reminiscence, a community theater project that explores the experience of six international women living in New York City, singing on the EP What Blooms in The Dark by Alyssa Chetrick, and conducting the first choir of the Afterwork Theater.

Stéphane comes from a rich cultural background that set the backdrop for his multi-cultural musical career. His father, of Spanish descent, was born and raised in Algeria and his mother, of German-Italian origin, was born in Vietnam and raised in Madagascar. With some of the most interesting emerging musicians in New York, they are quickly cementing themselves with their deep, lush and powerful sound. Formerly known as CMENC, the university section of the National Association for Music Education (NAFme) at Syracuse University is the student section of NAFME and its state affiliate, the New York State Association of Music Schools (NYSSMA).In addition to concerts at the Sentor Music School, there are plenty of cultural opportunities in and around the city of Syracuse. So if you're an independent artist looking to book a show or network with other musicians in Central New York, there are plenty of options available.