Uncovering Music Industry Trade Shows and Expositions in Central New York

Are you on the hunt for music industry trade shows or expositions in Central New York? If so, you've come to the right spot. Our guide will help you find the ideal event to attend and get ready for a summer of amazing music. One of the most renowned and oldest trade fairs in the music industry is Midem, which stands for Marché International du Disque et de l'Edition Musicale. This event has been held annually in Cannes (France) since 1967 and functions as a trade fair during the day and as a showcase for shows at night.

Representatives from record labels, publishers, startups, developer brands, and agencies visit Midem. However, it is important to note that the cost of a ticket to Midem is high, and this is not a beginner conference where sample CDs are handed out. Bands should be established before attending this massive industry event. Another great option is North by Northeast (NXNE), which is the Nordic version of SXSW. Although it is not as big as its Texan counterpart, it is very suitable for the Indies.

The NXNE is held every June in Toronto and focuses mainly on music, but it also includes a film festival and components of comedy, art, and video games. For East and North Coast bands that aren't interested in traveling to Austin, NXNE could offer an alternative. In previous years, SXSW focused largely on independent music, but in recent years, those small bands have shifted a bit in favor of more established groups. So, if you're looking for music industry trade shows or expositions in Central New York, be sure to check out our guide to concert venues and summer music festivals in Syracuse. Buy your tickets today and get ready for a summer of great music.

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