Exploring the Music Scene in Central New York: A Guide for Musicians and Fans

Are you looking to explore the music scene in Central New York? From small artists to national tours, the Syracuse music scene is booming. Whether you're a musician or a fan, there are plenty of venues and events to check out. As an expert in the field, I have compiled the pros and cons of these local hotspots and why you should check them out. Grateful Upstate Toodeloo brings together some of the best musicians from all over central New York and beyond at Play Dead.

The Bog Brothers were formed by a group of like-minded musicians in the central New York area who share a love for playing American music and having a good time doing it. Some of these bands may even scoff at the upstate distinction and choose to rely on western and central New York as cultural signifiers. The Central New York Film Festival is a local interscholastic event, organized by schools in the area, for high school students. This summer, the stadium was expanded to house the Syracuse Crunch hockey team and, although the facilities were not designed with music in mind, they may be the best preserved in Syracuse. For those looking to get involved in the underground music scene, house shows are a great place to start. Sedona Regan, a junior film student, has been recording music since she started at SU, but she had no connection with other music students until she randomly moved in with the lead singer of NONEWFRIENDS.

He booked The Blue Room in November with Mosh Retirement and hosted a release party for his “Fishbowl” album a week later. Being “up to date” with the best student artists can create your career. For bands that want to define the upstate New York heavy music scene as fresh and innovative, this can be an endlessly frustrating uphill battle. However, there are plenty of opportunities for musicians and fans alike to promote, interact, and exchange concerts and musical equipment. So if you're looking for an exciting music scene in Central New York, you won't be disappointed. From small artists happy to be on stage to national tours with 15 buses full of costumes, there's something for everyone.

Check out these local hotspots and get involved!.